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And was it really the ideal dream? If you are like me, you were raised with the idea that if you studied, worked hard and took initiative, you would live the American Dream.


I believed that so firmly and I can tell you in my earlier years, I did achieve a pretty good level of success – being in the top 4% of earnings for women – using the American Dream formula.


For many years I ascribed to the belief that my success was because of that formula. It wasn’t until many years later, after a lot of research and studying of my own and other people’s behavior that I discovered what was really at the core of my success.


Unfortunately there are still so many people out there telling you to use this same formula. They might give you another a twist or a turn but it’s still essentially the same tired, old formula that doesn’t work.


I mean let’s face it. Many of us have been working our tails off for years but haven’t really obtained the glory or riches that we desired. If that’s the case, then why are you going to believe someone that tells you to keep doing the same old thing? Or even worse is when they make you feel guilty or stupid because you’ve been doing what they say, but again the wrong or so-so results.


I can affirmatively and strongly tell you right now that it’s not your fault. What worked years ago no longer works or the results that the formula brings aren’t great enough for today’s world.


When I started looking back and examining my results – whether successful or unsuccessful – I started seeing a pattern. At first when I studied my successes, I was in awe and all giggly when I saw discovered what I had done that easily gave me my desired results.


While studying my ‘failures’, at first I felt uneasy and stupid for the outcomes. But then as I looked closer, I saw that I had used a similar process to achieve the undesirable results that I had used to create the great, pleasing results.


I suddenly realized that there were only minor shifts that needed to be made to create the desired outcomes. It was clear that is wasn’t about working hard and sacrificing to get ahead.


Would you like to know the process so you can claim all you desire? Go here now to order:






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Then, without really trying to prove anything, I recently got my real estate license and started up another business. To be honest, I actually wanted my husband to become a realtor as I thought it was a great business and would suit him in his retirement. (Okay, you probably see in that statement that I’m a control freak!)


He wouldn’t take the real estate course unless I did it with him. Although I thought it was the last thing that I needed to do, I choose to take the course because I thought it would suit him and it would move him to take action. That statement was probably full confirmation that I am without a shadow of a doubt a control freak…


Anyway, the other day my husband came to me and said, “Do you realize that you are in the top 10 for sales in the office?”


I lifted my head from my work in absolute surprise and asked him to show me what he meant. He had run a report on the 60 agents in our office on the MLS board site and sure enough, there I was – number 10. I’m a newbie and these folks that I’ve surpassed have been doing the job for years.


So what’s different you might ask? That’s a really great question because the answer takes a person from struggling and working hard to achieving great results in short order.


On one hand, you can say that I did study, worked at the steps to build this business and I took a lot of initiative. That’s all true…but there’s more to it and this is what most people don’t talk about or even realize that they do it.


In fact, someone can do less of some of the studying and working hard to achieve great results when they are mapping out and ticking off the process that I discovered and automatically do without even really realizing how important it is.


To make sure that you have exactly what you need to create the ideal results in your life, relationships, career or business; I’ve created a program that clearly lays out the 6-step process for success.


This process trumps the stuff that we’ve all been taught to do in order to achieve the American Dream. Usually the same people that are telling us to study, work hard and take initiative haven’t achieved what they really wanted, but they have been conditioned to think they didn’t get the big results because they didn’t really study, work or take action HARD ENOUGH.


Once I realized how easily I got what I wanted without all the hard work, I had to laugh at how difficult I had made things all along. The only person that was standing in the way of me having what I wanted was ME… but I didn’t realize that before.






Just imagine what your life would be like if you could achieve any goal you set. Imagine your feelings of excitement, accomplishment and joy finally having it all! I mean really seriously think about it – what would you want to be, do or have if you were in full control?


Can you imagine what it would be like if you could…

  • Get healthier.
  • Earn more money – A LOT MORE.
  • Set aside a nest egg for your future.
  • Build and grow a thriving business.
  • Create true balance in your life.
  • Build a legacy that will last far beyond your years.

…or go after and achieve any number of other dreams in your lifetime?


The Reviews Are In…
Change Your Results Now is Changing Lives!



I have always set business and personal goals for myself. However after completing Susan's program I realize that what I was doing was creating a fancy to do list with a long completion date.


I started the program a couple of months ago and applied the principles Susan teaches straight away. Now I am more focused, motivated and excited about where I am going. I have a plan I believe in and a belief in my ability to achieve it.


This is much more than a goal setting program. Susan explains that in order to set goals and actually achieve them, you must change your thinking, your attitude and your beliefs. She takes you beyond the idea of setting SMART goals and explains the role of your mindset and the crucial role it plays in your success. Easy to follow, with great exercises to really get you thinking, I can't recommend this program enough.


I highly recommend 'Change your Results NOW' to other small business owners (or anyone) who wants to set goals and actually achieve them because this program works, it's more than goal setting, it's mind changing and you can apply it to all areas of your life.






Susan Bagyura lives what she teaches. She has demonstrated that her goal setting program works in her own life. By applying the principals that Susan teaches in her program, I have complete understanding of why life works for me and why it doesn't.


By doing the daily goals and gratitudes each morning and evening, I am on focus each day. Goal setting and goal getting has become a way of life for me. Susan has a wonderful capacity to explain clearly and succinctly how to set goals that you actually go on to achieve. I recommend and endorse Susan to you and her Visionary Leadership book and her program Change Your Results NOW – Easy Steps To Goal Success. It will be well worth your time investment to be involved completely in planning your future using Susan's SMART goals program.


Author, Seminar Presenter and Life Coach


Now is the time to Change Your Results


I’m so excited to tell you about this proven goal setting and achieving process that gives you simple, easy steps to the kind of goal success you’ve been dreaming of. By the way, this ISN’T about working harder. I’ve heard so many people say that they’ve achieved something because they worked hard. If you feel like you have to work hard to get something, you’ve got the wrong energy on it and you’ll end up attracting more things that involve hard work.


Imagine being able to have anything you desire



Just think of it…no more struggle, stress or fear about an uncertain future.


Once you know this formula there will be nothing stopping you.








1. My special Mindset for Money Recording jam-packed with groundbreaking
    tools and guidance on creating & achieving goals – Value $147


2. LIVE Q&A calls with me. Plus access to all previous Q&A calls.


You’ll regain that childlike excitement for life, living life on your terms, achieving your true potential and living in a way that you were meant to live. Can you imagine the sense of freedom living like that will bring?


It all starts in your mind.


That’s where we go first because what’s happening in your mind is what controls your results. You’ll start to get back control of your thoughts so everything else can fall into place effortlessly.


Here's what else you'll discover:


    • How to take advantage of the Laws of the Universe to manifest your goals quickly and easily.
    • Two simple steps that you must do everyday before sunset.
    • How to leave the past behind and look forward to the future you are creating--knowing it is yours for the taking.

You probably already know that goal setting works, but maybe you’re not sure if you are doing it right or how to get exciting and inspiring results in your own life time after time – on command.


In the Change Your Results NOW program, I’ll reveal all my secrets to goal setting and achieving like a pro. As a bonus, you’ll receive my Q&A calls that reveal how you can tap into the cosmic forces to make things happen even faster.


It would be easy to keep this process to myself, but because I know how hopeless ‘struggle’ can feel, I want to help others by teaching them how to do this too. I believe in a world of abundance so that’s why I’ve put together a step-by-step program that will help you to finally get everything you want – NOW!

Plus, you'll have my personal
"try it for 90 days" GUARANTEE

I’m laying it on the line because I know how powerful this program is.

Try out the Change Your Results NOW program, go through all the exercises and give it your best shot.

Try it for 90 days, and if you don't achieve your goals, simply return it for a full refund, no questions asked. 

Go ahead – put this into action and watch the results for yourself. If you don’t feel it’s worth 10 times what you invested, then just let me know and I will cheerfully refund every penny. Fair enough?


Don’t spend one more second regretting the past or worrying about the future. Take charge of your life and transform your life in some truly amazing ways.

You owe it to yourself to take control of your future and live the life you desire. I’m here to help you help yourself.


To Your Success,

Inspiring Success from The Top Down
High Performance Coach

PS – Still wondering if this is right for you?


Here's one more success story for you:



When I started listening to this program, I knew there were gaps that I needed to bridge. One of the biggest is the block to setting goals. I needed a program to help me see the value of setting my goals and then give me a practical solution. I decided this was the time to go for it.

This program was clear, concise and made me feel at ease. What was so awesome was how quickly I was able to set goals I wanted to achieve now and have the tools to write them down and implement them immediately.

What was unexpected was finding the root to resisting setting goals just from following the steps Susan provided. Years of avoidance came to an abrupt stop.

Already I have experienced the successful results of setting new goals in my thinking and how I feel. I immediately was able to put the steps in action and see the measurable external results. It feels so great and powerful to achieve my goals.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is in any level of leadership personal or professional who wants to achieve their goals and have great success.

Energy Transformation Coach, Speaker and Minister




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