Follow The Path of Non-Resistance

Another conditioning pattern that the masses operate under is the thinking that if we use force, we will create harmony. You see this with fights, wars, etc. It’s a lie. It’s impossible to achieve peace and harmony by creating resistance.

Consider the War on Drugs that President Nixon declared back in 1971. Instead of diminishing or eliminating the drug problem, it has only worsened.

We have sayings that are frequently used that indicate this thinking. We steel ourselves for a confrontation. We talk about outwitting others or breaking down the opposition. In business, we talk about crushing our competitors. Many businesses use war analogies when prepping their sales teams to go out selling. You see this in sports too, especially in the contact sports, where they’ll say things like, “Let’s kill the other team.”

However, interestingly most retailers are in harmony with this law whether they know it or not. How? By offering free demonstrations, free delivery, interest-free loans, buy one thing and get the other one half off. They don’t do this because they are so loving and generous – it’s because they want to eliminate any resistance and make it easy for you to purchase.

That’s why the store doors are open or automatically open when you near them. They do this to invite customers and prosperity in.

Elevators and escalators are other examples of eliminating resistance. Let’s face it most people would refuse to walk up 5 flights to get to the top of a department store. Basement stores have found that customers are willing to walk down as long as there is an escalator that goes. Once again, making it easy so there’s no resistance.

Stores invest millions to understand consumers, how to attract them, how to eliminate resistance and entice them to purchase.

Every salesperson worth their salt knows the value of asking many questions that will be answered with a ‘yes’ to get people used to saying ‘yes’. They want to make it easy for people to make a purchase.They wouldn’t want people to be saying no-no-no and then ask them to buy something. Kids instinctively know and do the same thing.

Now let’s look at what a lot of people do when they speak about money. On one hand, people will tell you they want success, a big house, great vacations, new cars – you name it. But then when they are speaking, they are in the habit of sayings things like “can’t afford it, costs too much, can’t do it” – everything surrounding their conversations about money and the good life is based on fear, poverty, lack and limitation. They even teach the same thing to their children. It becomes a perpetual cycle.

So think of retailers again. They aren’t going to advertise all kinds of products, have a sale and do everything to draw customers to them – but then bar the doors shut so the customers can’t come in.

Why do people do this? That’s essentially what they are doing when they say they want things but then talk about why they can’t have them. They do it so automatically without any thought of what they are creating.

To be in harmony with the law of non-resistance, you don’t have to get over or understand something. If you are doing any of the things that I talked about, just stop doing them and change your language to say things like: “I’m working for success and prosperity in my life.” Look for ways that you can be non-resistant to what you desire.

When I think about prosperity, I use a little stream coming down the side of a mountain for imagery. When the stream comes to a fallen branch or a boulder. It doesn’t stop and complain or worry about the obstacle. It just meanders around it and continues on.

Many people when they are in pursuit of a goal, hit an obstacle, they shout, cry, complain or even give up, or fight and rail against it instead of looking for another way. A better approach would be to ask, “Hmmh, this (obstacle) must be here for a reason. What’s good about this? What’s the message for me?” It could be that you should be making a shift, but you missed the earlier clues. Or it could be that it actually is leading you to something even better.

Release any resistance and open yourself up to all the good can come to you. The resistance causes friction. Understand this, friction is a negative energy. We attract according to the energy that we are putting out or doing something in. Working against resistance is wasting energy too as it takes more energy to push against something than to flow with it. A person will get what they don’t want until they release the resistance.

You can see in many peoples’ faces the hard battle that they have fought in life. They see everything as being outside of them – however, the outside is a reflection of what they are being inside.

Another key point in understanding the Law of Non-Resistance is to be grateful for all that you have. Praise everything that you have. So even if you have an old computer that is slow and can’t do some of the things you want to do on it, instead of complaining about it and kicking or slapping it, praise it for all it has done for you over the years.

Praise it for how fast it is remembering a time when the speed it has now was incredibly fast; particularly when comparedto doingtasks by hand. I’m sure if you try, you’ll come up with many things that you can praise about it. Be grateful for everythingthe computer does for you and the ease you have because of it.

Maybe talk to it about giving it a special place while you bring in another one to do the harder work. As you ease up your reactions to things, the Universe will respond to that which you want – in this case a new computer.

It’s the same with weight. Many people are unhappy about their weight and when they look at themselves, they think and say terrible things. They groan about getting dressed or buying clothes. They carry a lot of negative opinions around about themselves.

They assume everyone feels the same way about them and have stories about how other people see them. Then they struggle with food and there’s this endless circle of dieting, losing, gaining, etc. They don’t realize that they have created this resistance, this battle.

Where instead if they praised their body for all that it does for them. Praise it for how well it runs. How well it supports them. How well it processes food. How well it responds to a change in food. How well it responds to exercise. How quickly it makes changes. How beautiful it is. Then they would find their body would change and adapt to how they are being in the body.

We actually attract what we expect. How often have you heard someone say right after something they didn’t want to happen? “That’s just what I expected.” Their expectation brought it to them.

Bless every so-called obstacle that comes along. Be willing to understand it and look for what’s good about it. Instead of calling it a stumbling block; call it a stepping stoneleading you to your highest good and you’ll soon see many wonderful things showing up in your life.