The Interplay of 7 Universal Laws and Goal Success

We are conditioned from infancy to believe and think certain things. As long as we follow this programming, everything is fine in our world; particularly our family or tribe. This conditioning can also be referred to as our core beliefs. Most people go through life without questioning or challenging these core beliefs to their own detriment.

One of the beliefs that many have been conditioned to think is that people’s results are an expression of their potential, not their thought process and focus. I would like you to recondition your thinking because this premise is false and stop someone from stretching and going for more before they even get started.

There are many universal laws, however, there are 7 that govern our thoughts and behaviors. These universal laws are a part of nature. They have been a part of the universe since the beginning and they apply to the physical planet and how the solar system works, but they also apply to how our lives are lived. We are a part of that universe.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation
The Law of Perpetual Transmutation is defined as energy. Energy is. Energy is in constant change and moving into physical form and back to pure energy again. Scientists like Albert Einstein were aware of it and studied it. Everything that we see or know is growing or dying, increasing or decreasing.

Law of Relativity
The Law of Relativity says that nothing is bad or good, big or small until you relate it to something else. Everything just is, until it is compared with something else. However, there are moral absolutes that we practice. We each individually, situation to situation, decide if something is good or bad, big or small, happy or sad and so forth. Nothing in and of itself has relevance – we assign the relevance to it.

Law of Vibration and Law of Attraction
The Law of Vibration states that everything moves. Nothing rests or remains still. Everything in the universe vibrates to a frequency. An interesting fact about this is that the denser the object, the higher the speed of vibration. At the same time, the lower the density of an object is, the lower the speed of vibration. This law also includes the Law of Attraction. Vibrations of similar character are attracted to one another. It is like the old-fashioned radios. You had to locate the correct frequency to hear the music you were searching for.

Law of Polarity
The Law of Polarity is one that most people have heard about all their lives but haven’t thought about as a law of nature. Opposites exist everywhere: hot and cold, up and down. There is a positive side and a negative side to everything. The opposite exists together at the same time and we choose what we will focus on or see. Everything is here now.

Law of Rhythm
The Law of Rhythm operates everything. The tide goes in and out; the moon has a cycle from crescent to full and back again; we experience good times and bad times.

Law of Cause and Effect
The Law of Cause and Effect is also called the Law of Circulation and Exchange. Some people may refer to reaping and sowing. We see this all the time. For every cause, there is an effect. Ralph Waldo Emerson said the Law of Cause and Effect is “the law of laws.” When you learn how to use it, you can throw open the gates to receive all your desires for success.

Law of Gender
The Law of Gender states that male and female are necessary for reproduction, whether we’re talking about people, plants or animals. The most important part of this law is that things take time to gestate. A farmer plant seeds one day, but he doesn’t go out the next day, see nothing sprouting and then say, “It doesn’t work.” We know the gestation period for many things, such as babies, plants, animals, etc. We do not know how long it takes for an idea to come into fruition.

Each one of these laws is unseen. Some people are reluctant to consider their effects on their personal and professional lives, but I’ve experienced them, and they are much more abundant and more satisfying than I could have imagined. We all believe in and know about gravity, but we don’t see it. It is there and has a constant effect on every moment we are alive. It has a constant effect on everything in the universe. We don’t see, taste or smell it, but we do feel it. We use it and the other laws unconsciously every day.

Our approach to these natural laws can make a difference in our success rate as leaders and individuals. They will continue to act, whether we tap into them consciously or not, but we can use them as assets if we so choose. I love sharing the practical application as they relate to business success. I’ve experienced thousands of times and want to give it to others.

When a person starts to understand how these natural laws affect their goals, it makes a huge difference in their outcomes. I invite you to consider what a difference they can make in your life. You can be wealthier than you ever imagined. You can gain anything you’ve ever dreamed of in short order.

Harmonizing Your Goals with Universal Law

A key to goal achieving success is to be in harmony with the natural laws of the Universe. Therefore it’s critical to have an understanding of these laws so you can take actions accordingly. The foundational understanding is this; Universal law is not set or made by man and consequently, it is not changeable like our civil laws.


Some of the Universal laws may be quite obvious to us, such as the law of gravity, light and motion. However, there are many other laws playing a significant role in our daily lives, which you may not be aware of until now. There’s no leeway for ignorance. For example, the law of gravity works whether you know the principle or not. If someone doesn’t know this law and should step off the top of a building, they are going to fall down to the earth. This happens as a matter of Universal law.


Money is one of the most popular goals that people set. Further, we all require money and our needs grow as we mature; however, many people have limited understanding of how these immutable laws affect their income.


Regularly I hear people complaining about money. They may say things such as: “I should be paid more.” Some people will act as though the world owes them a living, expecting that things are handed to them without putting in any effort and they may say, “How can they expect me to live on so little?” Other people may complain about the rich having so much and then say, “This is so unfair.”


These expressions show that people have come face to face with the Law of Compensation, but what they don’t realize is this: What comes to us is in direct proportion to what we are putting out. As we apply this law to our lives, we can easily track the outcomes. We can look to see if there is a balance between effort and income. In other words, is there a fair return for your efforts?


Listen to conversations around you and you’ll soon realize that most people are dissatisfied. The great majority will point to injustices in the world. When they do, more often than not, they are experiencing unhappiness, sickness and quite possibly poverty.


However, through the laws of Truth, we can dissolve all adverse thoughts and conditions. The mistakes are actually miscalculations and those mistakes will continue until the person changes their use of the Law. It’s essential to remember that the Law cannot be changed to suit a person’s mistakes, but they can change their use of the Law by getting in harmony with it.


Success and abundance are our birthright. Success or prosperity does not need to be made; it always IS. A person needs to change and then everything else will follow. When we stop recognizing a condition, we no longer attract it. The way to do this is to change our minds or the way we look at something. It’s a shift in our perception that leads to the shift in our conditions.


If you are lacking in prosperity and success but don’t make any changes, you cannot expect things to be different. If you have negative habits, you won’t be a master of your life until you change the habit. If you are living in lack and limitation, you won’t get above those conditions until you change your ideas about it.


Start by accessing the state of your environment (home, car, office, etc.) because these reflect the ruling state of your mind. The appearance of these areas says everything about you. Order is the first Law of the Universe. If there’s no order, then you have chaos. By the way, lack of money is no excuse for being messy. The premise behind this is; it’s useless to desire more if you don’t take care of what you have.


Frequently people contact me because they want a better job. Usually they’ll say that they don’t like where they are now. Many express a desire to leave their employer and have justified doing the minimum because they are unhappy. This is a red flag. If a person leaves a job under these conditions, they can only attract another job that’s in harmony with this.


There are 3 critical factors that make up the Law of Compensation:


  1. The demand there is for what you do;
  2. Your ability to do; and
  3. The difficulty there is in replacing you.


When a person performs to the absolute best of their abilities, they will receive more and be raised up. When you grow your capabilities and do things more effectively, you’ll become better at your work and will be rewarded. This Law says that s/he who becomes better will attract better and be given greater things to do.


Quite simply said, when you become too large for your present position, you will be given something larger – but you cannot attract the better until you first become larger. You must EARN it or you can’t keep it.



Imagine a scale. Compensation means an equal return for whatever is given. There should be a balance of quality and service. Determine whether you are balance in what you give and what you receive. If you want more, experiment with giving more. Eliminate all complaining and give the absolute best that you have and then measure your outcomes.


Remember this, the return that you receive may not come from your current employer. You may find that someone else seeks your services or something else comes ‘from out of the blue’. The better your service, the greater the reward and if you are a business owner, the more business you will attract.


When you follow the Law of Compensation, you’ll find that it is the Golden Rule in life and business.