Is 1 Goal Enough; Are 3 Too Many?


I just received an email from a woman that took my Essentials of Starting A Business course 4 years ago. She took all that she learned and started a business while she continued to work in her job.

Within a year, her business was so successful that she quit her job and ran her business full time. During her second year of business, she got caught in what I call the “the shiny object syndrome” where she took her eye off her core business and started getting involved in other things that she thought would bring success. Within 6 months, she almost lost her business. She regrouped, focused on her main business and it took off again.

As she described what’s currently happening – things I’ve heard before from other clients – I decided to share her email so others can learn from her experience. To maintain confidentiality, I’ve changed her name and eliminated some personal details.

Dear Susan…

I hope this email finds you prosperous and happy :)) It HAS been a while since my last business confession… I mean conversation ;p


I am doing well. Happy and healthy.

I have certain goals to achieve before I move next year to live abroad for 4 years. I’m working hard to get a decent momentum going.

I wanted to report that I think I had too many goals as 3 goals proved to be quite a juggling act. My #1 goal became a reality and I am excelling in it. My business is blooming nicely. The 2nd goal is a waiting game and the long-term future of my company depends on its success.

The 3rd goal was adding an activity to my company. When I did this, things started to go south very quickly so I had to cut it loose. I didn’t let it drag for 1 more month and it was so so so hard! But when you can foresee a big loss… cut and move on. Yes?

I spoke to a friend (entrepreneur / architect / opening high-end furniture shop) telling him of my actions when I saw the projects fell apart, etc. (I was upset and still unsure if I had cut it all too soon)…

He told me he envied me because he had a similar goal as well before, took a chance on it, saw it wasn’t going well, but stuck with it. He said he lost a lot of money over a 2 year period, came to realize it will not get any better… and finally closed it. He said with my quick action I saved thousands of Pride money ;)

So now I feel good about my decision and think … if it HAD worked, I would have felt overwhelmed as the project would have required a lot more attention. I’m happier and better focused on my 2 goals. I don’t need more, at least for 4 years… :))

That’s what I wanted to share with you



Here’s my response to her email.

Dear Sara,

It’s always wonderful to hear from you and learn about your discoveries and adventures!

Congratulations on your upcoming changes. Living abroad always gives a different perspective and great opportunities to grow and expand beyond our day-to-day limitations.

I agree that too many goals are hard to handle. I like to take a goal and break it down into bites. I can build the image of what I want to achieve and hold it firmly in my mind while taking actions to bring it in. It happens faster and I’m motivated by the little celebrations as they move me closer and closer.

I look for the 2 or 3 power moves that I can do each day and take those quickly. It’s not about busy work or taking on so much that one becomes overwhelmed, but those certain steps that you know will make an impact. If you aren’t sure what to do, sit quietly, relax and ask your higher self what action could you take that will serve you in your highest. Sometimes you may have to do this several or even many times over the course of days or weeks. Be open and willing to act when an idea comes to you.

I know you are very intuitive which is why you knew and followed that nudge to get out of that side of the business. Continue listening to your inner voice as that’s your greatest guide and asset.

Where are you moving to next year?

Onward and upward!

Lots of love


Realistically there are only so many goals that we can pursue at one time. I like to have a list of goals that I want to achieve over the next year or even 3 years. However, I look for the most important one and I focus on that. Sometimes, it seems almost like magic, when other goals on the list come into reality without any effort at all.