Change Your Results

Is this a possibility or a misnomer? How can someone possibly change their results? If you’re late to a meeting or missed an appointment, it’s over and done with so how can someone change that?

When I speak to clients about changing their results, I’m referring to the future. It’s important to understand this because as humans, we continually do the same thing over and over again, even when it gives us poor results. Einstein referred to that instinct as the definition of insanity.

Frequently people will look at their results and try to change them or they might say ‘fix’ them. However, in looking back at unsatisfactory results and trying to change them, a person is actually programming themselves for more failures. The past is the past so just let it go.

Change starts with thoughts. New thoughts. New approaches and an willingness to do something different. Intention is fundamental to change and to action. Consciously making choices that move you into a new direction is so powerful, however, unfortunately all too often people are looking in their rearview mirror and basing their potential for the future on the past.

Setting an intention starts the engine, but the fuel comes from the energy that you put towards your intention as you take action. This isn’t about becoming the Eveready Bunny – this is about taking actions that will move you towards your goal. One needle-moving action is required and provides a solid basis for the next step.

As you start down this new pathway of being open to new possibilities and consciously setting your intentions to change your results, there will be obstacles. You’ll experience strange feelings and resistance to take actions. This is a normal part of change that must occur. If you don’t experience these, then you aren’t doing anything different. You will HAVE to talk to people you don’t know, do things you haven’t done before and take actions that are completely foreign to you. Fear will rear its ugly head. It’s okay. Just do it scared, but DO IT.

In my Change Your Results NOW! program, I teach people a simple, proven, 6-step process that gets them on track to quick success. Armed with the full knowledge of what happens chemically to them when they set about making changes gives them the assurance that they are on the right track. By following the process, they have the confidence knowing the goal is theirs.

Don’t settle for failures and unhappy outcomes. Eliminate the struggle and panic. Make the best choice for your future by getting help to change your results now.